You’ve decided to join the Vysda community and are signed up with your email freshly verified, now what?

Once you log in to your new account, you’ll be at your Homepage where you have a continually updating newsfeed featuring activity by the people you follow, suggestions for people to follow (see: how to Find People You Know), and currently trending data visualizations based on your interests.

From there:

  • You can browse through the Explore Page to find, comment, and interact with all posts and data on Vysda or use the search bar in the page menu to find data and posts about specific topics.
  • You can upload your own data to share with the community or to use for your own data visualization projects you create using Vysboard and then share.
  • You can also use data already on Vysda (see: forking data and visualizations) to create your data visualization projects from and then post to showcase your own insights on that data set.

We want to encourage a community of open data collaboration and thought-provoking conversation about data concerning its accuracy, broader implications, and usefulness. We’re very glad you’ve decided to join Vysda and contribute to the data discussion!

P.S. If at any time you want to report something or would like to give us feedback in helping to improve Vysda, all contact forms can be found here!