Creating an Account

I’m seeing an error message that says my email address is invalid when I try to sign up.

If you’re seeing this error message, something may have been misspelled after the @ sign. Verify your email address is correct.

If you entered your email address correctly and you’re still seeing this error message, let us know.

I’m seeing an error message that says there is an existing account associated with my email address.

You can only sign up for one Vysda account per email address. If you’re seeing an error message that says an account already exists with your email address, review these troubleshooting tips:

  1. If you already created a Vysda account using that email address but lost your password, you can request a new password.
  2. If you share this email address with someone else, it may have already been used to create their Vysda account. If that’s the case, you will need to use a different email address to create your account. You can create an email address for free using websites like Gmail or Outlook.
  3. If you think you received this message by mistake, let us know.

I received an email saying that I joined Vysda and is asking to verify my account, but I didn’t sign up for a new account.

Most likely someone tried to sign up for a new Vysda account using your email address. The process to join Vysda isn’t complete until someone enters the email verification code into the sign up process. The easiest thing to do would be to simply ignore the email. You can also report an abuse with this form.

Confirming Your Email Address

I can’t find my Vysda account verification email. / I didn’t receive a verification email.

If you signed up for a Vysda account with an email address, we sent a verification email to the email address you used to sign up with in the first step of the sign up process. The verification email includes a verification code and a link to your place in the sign up process where you need to enter that code to confirm your account within 24 hrs. If 24 hrs have passed since you started the sign up process (but did not verify the account), you will need to start the process over.

If you can’t find your confirmation email, check your junk mail folder, or your Social email tabs if you’re using Gmail.

If you still can’t find your confirmation email, let us know.

I’m having trouble verifying my account.

If you’re having trouble verifying your account with your email address, let us know.