What Information is Sensitive?

Proprietary Info: information that is not public knowledge (such as certain financial data, test results, or trade secrets) and that is viewed as the property of the holder. The recipient of proprietary information, such as a contractor in the procurement process, is generally duty bound to refrain from making unauthorized use of the information.

Personal Info: information that is private and confidential including, but not limited to: credit card information, social security or alternate national identity numbers, private address or location information, non-public phone numbers and non-public email addresses. Unauthorized release of non-public information like this is a violation of your privacy rights.

Protect your private information

We strongly suggest you take caution when giving out your information online, especially your credit card number, private address, location or telephone number. People aren’t always who they claim to be online, and you should be cautious of anyone who asks for your personal information, private contact information or password. Please see Vysda’s privacy policy to learn more about what information we collect and how it’s used.

Ask the user to remove the content

If someone has posted your private information on Vysda, we’d suggest communicating directly with that person to ask that they take it down. Alternatively, if someone requests that you remove their private information, we ask that you respect their privacy and remove the content before your account is reported to Vysda. Data sets posted on Vysda can be very large and a user may simply be unaware that part of their set contains sensitive information.

Report a violation

If a user is non-responsive or declines to remove proprietary or private and confidential information (i.e., credit card info, social security or other national identity numbers, non-public phone numbers, emails, addresses, or images considered as private under applicable laws), please use the form below to report the violation to Vysda and we will investigate. If the reported account is in violation, we will temporarily suspend either the data set or the account until the information is removed.

It’s important to note that though you may believe certain information is private, not all content of this type is in violation of our terms. We can’t take down private information that’s posted publicly somewhere other than Vysda. Additionally, we can only take action on private information if it’s associated with the person reporting it or we receive documentation that the reporter is authorized to act on behalf of the person whose private information has been posted.

*Please Note* that this channel is reserved for people reporting potential violations of their privacy rights. Note that reporting Copyright InfringementAbusive Content, a Broken Feature, or giving General Feedback all have their own forms.

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