What is a project? Why do I need to create a project?

Managing the connection between your data visualizations (created via the Vysboard) with their associated data sets (uploaded and stored via the Data Wizard and Data List) is handled through Projects, which contains your Project List and Project Wizard. Projects are accessible through the projects icon located at the top of any Vysda page.                                            Screenshot (36)

  • Project List: Page with a list of all your created projects and a quick view of their descriptions, category, tags, create date, and last update. From the Project List page you can also access the Vysboard for that project by clicking on the project’s title (where you can create and post your visualization from). You can also edit the project’s details via the ‘pencil’ icon and delete projects using the ‘trash can’ icon located to the right of each project.
  • Project Wizard: This is where you create projects. Click on the button “Add a new project” located at the top of the Project List page to access the wizard. The project wizard allows you to add a single or multiple data sets to a project and also gives you access to the Vysboard for that project, which can contain a single or multiple visualizations.

How do I create a Project?

  1. Click the projects icon located on the menu bar at the top of any Vysda page to navigate to your Project List– your personal page where you can create, edit, and delete projects. Screenshot (36)
  2. Click the “Add a new project” button at the top of the page and you will be taken to the Project Wizard– personal page where you can create a project, which ties together data sets and visualizations.                                                                                        Screenshot (37)
  3. On the Project Wizard page, fill in the category, name, description, and tags for the project you are creating. (Project name field is required.)
  4. Next, add data to your project. Data can be added via the drop down menu that lists all the data from your Data List page OR you can click ‘Upload new data’ to import a .csv or .zip file (containing a .csv file) up to 25 mb in size OR you can click ‘Search and Add Public Data’ to find public data on Vysda to use (click on the green plus icon to add a public data set to your project).                                                                                  40
  5. Once you find and add the data you want to use to your project, compact preview boxes of your selected data will appear at the bottom of the Project Wizard page. If you need to remove a chosen data set, simply click on the red ‘x’ in the data set’s top right corner to remove.                                                                                              41
  6. Click ‘Save’ to save your project and continue to Vysboard to create your data visualization/s. (Only the first time after you create a new project will you be automatically directed to Vysboard upon saving.)
  7. Your project will now be saved and available in your Project List. To learn about the next step- creating data visualizations- please see Vysboard.

Can others see my projects or project list?

No. Your projects and project list are private. Only when you share a project via a post will others see a part or all of a project you have been working on. To learn more about managing what and how projects are shared, please see Vysboard.