How do I send a direct message?

When searching for someone:
  1. Type in the person’s name or screen name (if you know it) in the search bar located at the top of any Vysda page to find them. (some people also allow being searched by via their email address or phone number).                                                            (31)
  2. Once found and if their privacy settings allow it, you can click the ‘message’ button located at the bottom of their user profile box to send them a direct message. Some users’ privacy settings will only allow direct messaging from people they are following. See Followers and Following to learn more.                                                              32
When it’s someone you follow or someone who is following you:
  1. Click on your profile picture in the main menu bar located at the top of any Vysda page and select either your followers or following from the drop down list.
  2. Click the ‘Message’ button located at the bottom of the user’s profile box you want to direct message.
  3. Type your message and hit enter to send.

You can access all your direct messages from the message icon in the menu bar located at the top of any Vysda page. Unread messages will appear with a blue highlight.


What happens when I direct message someone?

When you send someone a message, it gets delivered to their messages inbox and they receive a notification. (some users may opt to receive email notifications)

Can I unsend a message once it’s been sent?

No, sent messages can’t be unsent or removed from the recipient’s inbox. Depending on the persons’s notification settings, they may also receive your message as a notification.

How do I know if someone I sent a message to has seen it?

A feature to show if a message has been read or not may be implemented in the future, but currently is unavailable.

How do I add someone to a conversation?

Vysda may support this feature in the future, but conversations are currently one to one.

How many people can I message at once?

Currently, messaging is only one-one.

Can I add attachments to my messages?

Vysda may support this feature in the future, but currently no attachments can be added to messages.

How do I search for a message?

Messages will appear chronologically according to the most recent message you have received or sent.

How do I delete messages or a conversation?

Vysda may support this feature in the future, but currently all messages are stored as history.

Who can see my messages?

Only you and the people you’re messaging can view the contents and history of your conversation.

How do I report a message as spam?

Report spam here.

How do I report a threatening message?

We won’t let the person know who reported them. Keep in mind that not everything that may be upsetting violates our Rules and Community Standards.
Rules and Community Standards violations include:
  • Bullying or harassment: content that appears to purposefully target a person with the intention of degrading or shaming them, or repeatedly contacting a person despite that person’s clear desire and action to prevent contact.
  • Direct threats: serious threats of harm to public and personal safety, credible threats of physical harm, specific threats of theft, vandalism, or other financial harm.
  • Sexual violence and exploitation: content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation, including solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content involving minors, threats to share intimate images, and offers of sexual services.
If you ever feel like you or someone you know is in immediate danger, contact your local law enforcement.
If someone is bothering you via direct messaging, you can always unfollow them and uncheck ‘receive direct messages from anyone’ under your privacy settings.

What do I do if someone is bothering me in messages?

If someone sends you a message that makes you uncomfortable, you can:
  • Unfollow them and then uncheck ‘receive direct messages from anyone’ under your privacy settings. They won’t be able to contact you (ex. either via direct messaging or chat).
  • Report a threatening message.
  • Delete the conversation. Keep in mind that this won’t delete the conversation from their inbox. If you want to report the conversation, take a screenshot before you delete it.
Note: You can also report their Vysda account if you think they’re using a fake account or pretending to be you or someone else.

My message inbox is blank or isn’t loading completely.

If you’re seeing a blank page when accessing your messages, please:

  1. Make sure that you’re using the most recent version of a supported internet browser
  2. Try manually refreshing the page a few times (Ctrl + R on a PC or Command + R on a Mac)

If you use Chrome, you can also try clearing your browsing data. To do this:

  1. Click to the right of the browser toolbar
  2. Select Tools > Clear Browsing Data…
  3. Select Empty the cache and click Clear browsing data

If your inbox still doesn’t load, please let us know.

New messages don’t appear in my inbox.

If you know someone sent you a message and it didn’t appear in your inbox or your message requests, please let us know.

I can’t send messages to friends.

Your friends may have opted in their privacy settings to not receive messages from anyone, meaning they can only be messaged if they’re following you, too.
If you’re seeing an error message when trying to send a message to a friend, please let us know.

 I can’t scroll through my messages.

If you’re unable to scroll through a message or through your inbox to see more messages, please let us know.

I don’t receive notifications for new messages.

If you aren’t getting notifications when you receive a new message, please let us know.

If the issue you’re experiencing isn’t listed above, please tell us more.