Where do I find data to use to create visualizations on Vysda?

You can use any of the public data on Vysda:

  1. After signing up and logging in to your Vysda account, navigate to the Explore page.  You can access this page by clicking on the ‘Explore’ icon in the top menu bar on any page.                                                                                                                                          Screenshot (2)
  2. On the Explore page, click on ‘Data’ under the ‘Posts’ drop down to view all public data that has been uploaded by the Vysda community.             1
  3. Data can be filtered by post recency, popularity indicators, and category.                  Screenshot (3)
  4. Data can be previewed before selection by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon located in the top right corner of each data. A preview box showing a portion of the data will appear at the bottom of the screen.                                                                              Screenshot (5)
  5. If you want to view all the information concerning a particular data set, simply click on that data set’s title and you will be directed to that data’s page.
  6. When you have found a data set you would like to use to create a visualization with, click on the ‘gauge’ icon to the left of the preview button to be taken to the Project Wizard and you’re ready to begin creating your visualization!                               Screenshot (4)

*Note* You can also Search and Add Public Data directly from the Project Wizard


You can upload your own data set via the Data WizardAfter you upload your data set, it will appear under your data tab accessible from the top of any page on the menu bar.                                                                                                                                                                                          Screenshot (6)

There are many, many sources online where you can find free data sets. To start, a list of many such sites can be found here.

See Creating a Project and Creating a Visualization/How to use Vysboard for further help.

How do I know what the accuracy or integrity of a data set is? Is there a vetting process for data?

All users are required to provide the source(s) of their data during the upload process. Click on the title of any data and the source of the data can be found in that data’s Data Info section.

As Vysda grows, our goal is to implement a system whereby members of the community can fill moderator roles to peer-review and verify the factual authenticity of data sets in order to further raise the quality of data on Vysda. Prime candidates for these roles would have experience in data analytics/mining and demonstrate an avid interest in the Vysda community with frequent interaction and updates.

What does forking a data set mean?

Forking a data set means that you’ll create a duplicate copy of that data set, which will be saved to your Data List. You will be able to see a full data set by forking.

Be aware that creating a visualization through forking data means that any visualizations you create with that data set will not be dynamically updated if the original uploader updates that data set.  

There will be users on Vysda mainly interested in uploading and maintaining data sets while there will be other users mainly interested in creating interesting and enlightening visualizations for data sets. If you want the ability for your visualizations to be automatically updated whenever a data set you’re using is updated, you don’t want to fork data. Instead, you will want to find that data set and use the ‘Visualize data’ button at the top right of any data box. This will create a visualization that will be stored in your Projects List, but will be tied to the original uploader’s data set in their Data List.