All data on Vysda is currently public because we believe in data transparency and want to encourage a community where people share data openly.
That said, please be aware we do not have a legal right to all data. Do not upload sensitive information. If data is reported and confirmed to be confidential, proprietary, or copyrighted it will be removed and your account may be suspended. As Vysda grows, we may offer the ability to host privately shared data, but currently all uploaded data is immediately public, so please take care when uploading data.

How do I upload data?

  1. Click the data icon located on the menu bar at the top of any Vysda page to navigate to your Data List- your personal page where you can add, view, preview, edit and remove data sets.                                                                                                                                Screenshot (6)
  2. Click the “Add data set” button and you will be taken to the Data Wizard- personal page where you can import and update details for your data sets.                                  Screenshot (7)
  3. On the Data Wizard page, fill in the category, name, description, source, and tags for the data you will be uploading. (Name and source fields are required.)
  4. Next, upload your data set in the Upload Data section. Vysda supports .csv and .zip files (containing a .csv file) up to 25 mb in size. Alternatively, if your data is hosted online, you can copy/paste a url to the data on the web. You can also copy/paste data from a worksheet or from a delimited file as another upload option (maximum pasted data length is 512,000 characters).
  5. Once your data is successfully uploaded, a preview of your data will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Click the ‘Save’ button to save your uploaded data and details to your Data List.                                                                                                                                                                  8
  7. The ‘Visualize Now’ button will become active as soon as you save for the first time so you can directly visualize your data on the Vysboard from this page (a project will automatically be created for you using the information you entered for the data set- this can be edited later via the Projects List). Alternatively, you can return to your Data List at this point where your recently uploaded data set will now appear to view, preview, edit or remove.


How do I view and edit details of a data set I’ve uploaded? How do I delete a data set?

  1. Navigate to your Data List.
  2. A set of ‘Actions’ is located to the far right of each uploaded data set.                                   9
    • Clicking on the ‘eye’ icon will allow you to preview your data while on the Data List page.
    • Clicking on the ‘trash can’ icon will allow you to delete your data set.
    • Clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon will take you to the Data Wizard page where you can edit the category, name, description, and tags for you data.

*Note* Whether via your personal data list or via the explore page, clicking on the title of a data set anywhere on Vysda will show you the public facing page for that data set.

The user who originally uploaded a data set will always be able to view the full data set from the data page, but data sets with more than 100 rows will only show up to 100 rows as a representation of that data when viewed by the general public. Additionally, only the original uploader will have the ability to edit or delete a data set. For users who desire to see a large data set in its entirety or wish to supplement it with their own data, data sets can be forked.


How do I create a visualization after I’ve uploaded a data set?

After you have uploaded a data set, you will first need to create a new project for the data set to be added to before creating a visualization. If the data set you uploaded is the only one you wish to make a visualization of, you can  click the ‘Visualize Now’ button after saving an uploaded data file to go directly to the Vysboard and create a visualization. This method automatically creates a project in your Project List using the information you entered for the data set.  If you want to create visualizations using multiple data sets or a combination of personal data and public data, visit the Project List help article for further steps and information.