How do I complete the sign up process and confirm my email address?

To complete the sign up process, you will be asked to enter a verification code in the second step of the Vysda sign up process that was sent to you via email to the email you provided in the first step of the sign up process.

If you closed out of the sign up process before completing the verification step, your verification email contains a link that will take you back to that step.

Once you’ve entered your email verification code and completed the remaining steps, your sign up process is complete.

Why did I receive a verification email from Vysda? / I received a verification email for an account that’s not mine.

As part of the sign up process to join Vysda, a verification email is sent to verify the email address connected to your Vysda account. This is to insure that this is the correct account you want to use and to guard against automated programs that attempt to sign up for accounts in order to spam people. Click the link contained in the verification email from Vysda to return to the sign up process and enter the verification code you received into the verification box. Complete the remaining sign up steps and your sign up is complete.

If you didn’t sign up for a Vysda account but received a verification email, it’s likely someone signed up for a Vysda account and mistyped their email, entering yours by mistake. The easiest thing to do is just ignore or delete this email as the verification code will expire after 24hrs if not used and the associated account will be deleted.

What will happen to my account if I don’t confirm my email address?

The verification code sent to you from Vysda after completing the first step in the sign up process will expire after 24 hours if not used and your account will be deleted. You can always start the Vysda sign up process over if this happens.

I accidentally signed up using the wrong email address. How can I fix this?

If you haven’t verified your Vysda account yet,the verification code sent to you via email will expire after 24hrs and that account will be deleted so you can just start the sign up process over and sign up for an account with the correct email.

If you have already verified that Vysda account through email, we currently don’t allow users to change their email, so you will need to sign up for a separate account with the correct email. Vysda will implement the ability to change your email in the near future.